Matt is an illustrator and designer with eight years of professional experience under his belt. His most unique attribute is an innate curiosity, driven by a desire for knowledge and analysis, ultimately aimed towards cultivating understanding. Matt tends to approach design as a creative pursuit or investigation, balanced with pragmatic problem solving. In effect, Matt strives to apply his talents in service of developing ideas and clarifying concepts, striving for intuitive, informative and unique work.

In practice, Matt is a capable artist, able to bring concepts from pencil to pixel. He is fluent in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Flash, and has experience with writing HTML and ActionScript code, along with inroads into CSS and JavaScript. In action, Matt has successfully produced a wide range of work, including advertisements, posters, flyers, illustrations (both technical and conceptual), infographics, catalogs, menus, business cards, banners, websites and more. In effort, he has developed a refined pallet for quality design, highlighted by an accomplished understanding of composition, illustration, photography, layout, print and typography.

Personally, Matt’s interests extend from art and design into technology and science, basketball, music and food. In fact, his last year has been spent moonlighting as a professional cook. Matt earned a triple-major degree in art history, film studies, and political science at the University of Colorado Boulder and a fourth degree in interactive media design from the Art Institute of Colorado. He is ready to elevate your project to the next level!