Jeremy Brown


Jeremy Brown is a digital project manager, web designer / developer and technical SEO consultant based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.  He has 5+ years as well as agency experience.  Jeremy’s strength lies in listening to clients’ business goals, converting those goals into technical solutions, executing those solutions and then providing training and support.

Jeremy’s technical expertise includes but is not limited to agile/scrum & waterfall methodologies, hosting/server management, HTML, CSS, PHP, third-party integrations (i.e. HubSpot, Salesforce, Pardot), Google Analytics, and technical SEO.  He is very knowledgeable about configuring WordPress, customizing or building themes and extending sites using many of the common plugins.  Furthermore, Jeremy’s professional interests are systems and operating procedures, information architecture, user experience, accessibility, performance optimization and web security.

When Jeremy is not head down on a development project, strategizing with other team members or on client calls, he enjoys spending time with his two young children and family as well as a myriad of outdoor activities.