Jeff Schmid


Jeffrey is an accomplished self-taught photographer, videographer and video editor with a wide array of experience. His passion is to capture content that is unique, candid and timeless.

Prior to joining Crazy Good Marketing, Jeffrey worked with marketing agencies in Appleton, WI, where he produced online video advertising and advertising for broadcast television. He also has experience working as a wedding photographer and freelance videographer in the Midwest.

Jeffrey holds a B.S. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh.

If you could invite one person to lunch, who would it be? I would invite YouTube photographer and filmmaker Peter McKinnon. Peter is one of the main reasons I pushed photography from a hobby to a full-time business.

What’s your favorite quote? “The creative adult is the child who survived,” — Ursula Leguin. This quote speaks to me as I have always been a child at heart and I’ve never given up on pursuing my childhood dreams of being self-employed.