People and planet-centric digital marketing & events professional with a goal to help purpose-led businesses grow an influential online presence that drives business development, nurtures a culture of growth, and increases revenue. I specialize in digital marketing while my expertise lies in new audience acquisition & brand awareness.

My passions include urban and restorative agriculture, travel, creativity of all sorts and getting lost in nature.

If you could ask anyone to lunch, who would it be (and why?)

If I could ask anyone to lunch it would be former president Barack Obama. He was the leader of our nation during a pivotal time for our country and has learned so much, not only from his position as president, but how to be a family man, politician, world leader, and role model. Other than Tony Robbins, Barack Obama is the only other man who can keep his composure even in the midst of chaos. I think he has a lot of wisdom and I would consider it an honor to learn life lessons from him and Michelle.

What’s your favorite quote?

Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine. -Elvis Presley