Sr. Marketing Specialist I Team Lead

Zan brings 20 years of experience to Crazy Good Marketing. She has held the roles of CMO, business development and graphic designer, video editor, product development and positioning in CPG (B2C), manufacturing (B2B) and food production (B2C). During her career she has brought products to verticals within each industry across North America, such as premium bottled water and nutraceuticals. While working in natural products she managed key accounts such as OXYLENT. While working in retail she covered independent specialty grocers, as well as Whole Foods and Albertsons SW and SOCAL.

Her expertise spans product conceptualization to launch and selling directly to customers as well as channel sales. Zan has had budget responsibilities up to $1M. Sales sizes have spanned $500 to $200K, and sales cycle times from telephone orders to three months. She considers her key accomplishment to be landing AQUAMANTRA, a young bottled water company, into Albertsons SW and UNFI, expanding distribution to 276 stores.

In addition to her role as marketing and business development manager, Zan started her own marketing company in 2000, produced several documentaries, hosted podcasts and radio shows as well as spending a year doing business development in the cannabis industry. Zan has extensive experience as a business owner and former entrepreneur. She understands scalability to exit with a commitment to excellence and achievement.

Zan earned her BFA in Media Arts & Design from the University of Arizona. She moved to Colorado in 2017 to explore a deeper relationship in the tech space. Her group was named 2nd Place Winner at Google Techstars Start-up Weekend, November 2018.

She teaches Soul Speaking through Art classes in her spare time to connect people to their deeper self through art. You can find her hiking, camping or exploring in the beautiful state of Colorado.

If you could invite one person to lunch, who would it be?

Prince. I have a lot of questions surrounding his leaving our planet.

What is your favorite quote?

“Worrying is just praying for bad things to happen.”