Marketing & Event Coordinator

Yvonne brings her enthusiasm for community engagement and leadership to her work as event and conference lead. Yvonne takes inspiration from a client’s vision to create impactful and relevant experiences.

Prior to joining Crazy Good Marketing, Yvonne worked as a program supervisor for a non-profit organization serving French-speaking children on the autism spectrum, in which she organized conferences and events and produced webinars.

Yvonne’s expertise in managing projects and organizing events is steeped in a diversity of experiences working for local governments and charities, where she created resources and services to meet the needs of her clients. In her most recent role, she created educational materials to support youth with autism seeking job skills, anxiety management, socio-sexual skills, and tips to transition to higher eduction and independent living.

Yvonne holds a B.A. in English and French Literature from Simon Fraser University, Canada. She speaks German and French and has lived in the US, Canada, Germany, India, and France.