Marketing Coordinator

Louise-Marie, a.k.a. Lulu, is a marketing coordinator who specializes in administrative support, financial and association management. She has spent over 10 years honing her organizational skills, her operational expertise, and her expertise in coordinating events both small and large.

Lulu helps clients oversee all areas of finance and administration including: payroll, accounts payable & receivables, and cash management using QuickBooks. She excels in procedural efforts, ensuring that operations run smoothly, and in anticipating what comes next. She has served as a liaison and facilitator to ensure that communications flow well and that teams stay on track. Her keen observation skills have been an asset in planning, and she has been a constant at nurturing team environments where people can achieve their best.

Lulu earned a Bachelor of Science in business administration from the University of Phoenix. She spends her down time enjoying outdoor sports, traveling, hiking and camping with her husband and two dogs.