SEO Specialist

Brooke brings 16 years of digital marketing experience to Crazy Good Marketing. She has held roles as Digital Marketing Manager, Content Strategy and Search Marketing Manager, Demand Gen Lead, Web Optimization and User Researcher, eCommerce Manager and Web Project Manager at various agencies and has over 6.5 years experience at B2B SaaS companies including Autodesk and Splunk. Before that she ran her own search marketing agency for 5 years. She loves learning, helping businesses grow and working with companies who are passionate about their industry.

In all her roles, she puts the customer first and enjoys building a strategy that aligns with both customer and business. In her experience, satisfying customer or prospect yields long-term rewards for the business. She is a planner who likes to follow an easy-to-follow spreadsheet of steps, enjoys drafting technical website audits, improving content strategy and also loves to brainstorm new ideas. Because of the breath of her experience in digital marketing and her keen interest in conversion rate optimization, she intuitively understands how to build a high-converting website or landing page.

Brooke has several key accomplishments. Those include building new, higher converting product centers that influenced the website redesign for In one case at Autodesk, she increased conversion rate of free trial downloads by 46%, lifted Search Share of Voice by 37% for competitive non-branded terms and reduced bounce rate by 22%. Through targeted email marketing and webinars, Brooke managed to drive the demand and sales for a newly launched product, Splunk Light. Within one year, Brooke’s lead generation efforts for Splunk Light campaigns resulted in 28.6K unique new leads, $53k in new opportunities, $48.7k in customer bookings and Splunk Light leads lead to $449k new customer bookings for other Splunk products.

Brooke founded and co-hosted one of the first digital marketing podcasts called eMarketingTalkShow (from 2005 to 2007) and interviewed guests such as Matt Cutts, Rand Fishkin and Todd Malicoat. She earned her BA in Business Marketing at University of Puget Sound and has certifications from University of British Columbia Web Analytics, Bright Edge and Market Motive’s Conversion Rate Optimization coursework. She is currently working on her Google Adwords certification. She loves spending time outdoors with her 5 year old son and challenging herself physically by setting her own goals to participate in half-marathons, triathlons and bike races for charity. Most recently, she hiked the Mountaineers Route on Mount Whitney. She is based out of San Francisco, CA and active in local bay area organizations.