Digital Marketing Specialist | SML

Andrew is a detail-oriented individual with experience in social media marketing, newsletter development, and digital brand and advertisement design. He has run online campaigns for both B2B and B2C organizations using targeted social media and web advertisements to drive traffic to their websites and products/services. He is knowledgeable across all social media channels and knows how to use design that captures the attention of fast-paced internet users, creating campaigns that provide greater results than brand reach alone.

Recently, Andrew has created successful digital campaigns through social media, SEO and email marketing for the busiest selling days of the year. He has earned the Social Media Marketing Certification from Podium by Hootsuite, and is an active alumni member of the Big Idea Project. He also helps coach ice hockey to younger children and is involved in other community organizations.

The consistency of successful results and experience with online marketing from both a consumer and business side make Andrew an effective marketing specialist who will work hard to develop online identities to help your brand stand out in the digital world.