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Don’t be the Only Person Reading your Blog: 3 Ways to Make your Content More Persuasive and Engaging

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Blogs. We’ve almost all read at least one. Most of our businesses probably have one. We all want people to read what we have to say, and creating valuable content that others are interested in is an extremely important marketing strategy. But, what if you are having a conversation with yourself? No content can provide its full benefit if it isn’t persuasive and engaging so that people actually read it. There are many ways to write your content so it is compelling to be read, and we thought we’d share a couple of key first steps that can  help significantly:


  1. Create a headline that captivates readers’ attention

As businesses, we have only a fraction of a second to catch potential customers’ attention online. The headline you choose must disrupt their scrolling and generate interest almost instantly. With such a short amount of time, being specific is essential to people actually clicking your link. Keep your call to action in mind, and make it clear in your headline.


  1. Use Emotion

The most effective way to change people’s minds is to make them feel something new or differently. For some businesses, using emotion will be easier than for others, but we all make an impact and have a “why” behind our business.


As a writer, you can make the presentation of product or service be expressed through emotions. For example, what is the pain/gain of what you offer? Pain and gain can both be expressed through the lens of emotion. You are solving something and it feels good to have it solved. For examples, food satisfies hunger, software helps improves a process – fewer errors, lower costs, happier customers, marketing, a complex function, helps generate leads..helping with more revenues, faster.


  1. Pick a Clear Objective for your Writing

When you are writing, always go back to your original goal of the piece. Why are you writing it? Who are you writing it for? Where will the reader be when they are reading it? Make sure you have a clear path set for yourself before you even begin writing. In your writing have a clear call to action, but do so without being “salesy.”


With our services, we team with our clients. We want to complement what you do yourself, and we are here to help you learn and grow in your marketing skills.

So, when you are writing, your objective also must show through as something you, the writer, truly believe in, and are passionate about. If you don’t fully believe in the benefits of something, don’t write about it. Make your readers passionate about it too!


Are Your Social Media Ads Worth the Money?

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We’ve all seen “sponsored” posts while scrolling though Facebook or Twitter. As a business, you may be wondering, “Are those ads worth the money? Do people still engage even though they’re “sponsored”?”

One of the distinct advantages of marketing though social media is that all ads are pay-per-click (PPC). This means that you only pay something when someone actually notices your ad and clicks on it. How much this costs can vary, but the average click is usually between $0.24 and $0.66 on Facebook, and anywhere from $0.50 to $10 on Twitter. This isn’t a large amount for advertising that will be put in front of thousands of engaged users, and the best part is you can pinpoint exactly which users see your ad. Age, location, gender, interests, education level, and really anything else people share on their Facebook profiles can help you target the potential customers you really want.

Say you pick the perfect audience and set a generous budget to put the ad in front of your target. Placement of ads on Facebook will be is marked “sponsored”, which begs the questions, “Will it get noticed?”  “Will being a sponsored ad cause a negative reaction?”  Surprisingly,  most people aren’t bothered or even notice if a post is sponsored. Plus, if they don’t engage the post, you don’t pay, and they still see your ad. It’s brand exposure! When advertising on Facebook, your ad will be seen on Facebook, Instagram, and in their ad network, which contains trusted and authorized websites that display your ad to your targeted audience when they visit. Now that’s good marketing.

When it comes to determining if social media ads are worth it for you, consider your audience. If they are active on social media (hint: they are), find where they are most active, and consider targeting them with promoted posts. For a small amount of money, you can see if your audience is engaging and responding to your ad.

Today, it can be argued that social media is more popular than face-to-face conversations. Reach your customers where they spend a great deal of their time.

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