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“Crazy Good Marketing (CGM) is a national, full service offline and online marketing agency that delivers crazy good results with a twist. Stir, don’t shake…We are not your traditional brick and mortar firm…ok, you can shake too. We are a team of seasoned free agents and partners that enable CGM to bring together the right talent, seasoned in all the right ways, to quickly deliver on your marketing needs. Any marketing need – we are your one stop shop for marketing. With our flexibility and genius talent, we always keep it fresh and cutting-edge, and you can count on high performance.”

Melodie Reagan, Owner and President, Crazy Good Marketing 

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Marketing Outsourcing

My Marketing Team™ gives you an on-demand, committed team of marketing experts that serve as your team. It’s the talent you need when you need it. Get the marketing you deserve.

Creative Services

Imagination and original ideas in branding and design services across all media, plus high performance acquisition and retention campaigns. It’s attention-getting marketing…it’s crazy good marketing.

Digital Marketing

It’s brilliance with all things digital from Search Marketing (SEO, PPC) to Internet Marketing (Social Media, Content Marketing, Banner Ads, Email, Mobile) to TV, SMS, Radio and Digital Billboards with the power of analytics.

Event & Program Management

We plan and execute events for corporate, nonprofit and government, and we serve as program management for nonprofit organizations. We are organized marketers that bring the latest and greatest tools to make your event and organization standout. 🙂

Media Services

We help you be found (again and again) and engage with your prospects and clients using Direct Mail, Online (SEO, PPC, Email +), Print, DRTV, Radio and Social. We use closed loop marketing – be found, bring ’em in and bring back again.

Market Research

In partnership with Symphony Marketing, we give you the ability to have intelligent “conversations” with your customers. Know why they stay and why they go, with insights drive more customers, revenues and cash flow.

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Crazy Good is Crazy Good!

Teddi Davis, Owner, Exchange Tavern

I literally could not be happier! The spot on brilliance blows me away every time I visit my new site!

Amazing work! I get shivers every time I watch the video.

Our event was flawless. We couldn't be more pleased with the performance of Crazy Good Marketing.

My Marketing Team

We customize a team of marketing experts that become your team, reporting directly to you, and are available on-demand. You only use and pay for what you need when you need it.

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Agency Services

From traditional to digital marketing, we’ve got you covered. Have a project need? We can support you, big and small, to deliver on your marketing objectives with a bang!

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Market Research

We make your customers primary…pun intended. Want to know what your customers (past, present and future) think, and have how tos as next steps, we are the right partner for you.

Shine Like A Star

WowSa! Talent

We have an amazing team of talent that covers every area of marketing with experience in B2B (Business), B2C (Consumer) and B2G (Government) marketing.

Brilliant Work

We have an extensive portfolio that is worth a look-n-see. It gives new meaning to a picture paints a thousand words. We think you’ll be inspired. We are.


Our owner is involved in an organization “where business and the coolest women you know collide” called The Moxie Exchange Movement.


We know what we know…and what we don’t, which is why we have amazing partners for everything from Crisis Communications to Business Law.

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